January 11, 2021

OxyNinja Update 3.3 - Carousel, Improved Class Tools & Framework

OxyNinja Update 3.3 - Carousel, Improved Class Tools & Framework
Check out the interactive cheatsheet or print for later!

Today, we introduce a robust update to our OxyNinja plugin which ships with all our products.

It brings in the slider module, improvements to class lock, class reset and the Core framework.

Slider & Carousel Component

The biggest addition to the new version of the plugin is a Slider & Carousel component. It's a fully featured component that works with Oxygen UI settings and allows you to create advanced slider and carousels for ACF, WooCommerce, Repeater, Toolset, Happy files and Admin2020.

Read the full documentation to the slider here.

Class Lock

Since 3.3 version you can lock & unlock whole framework. If you don't want to tweak any classes at all, you can import whole framework locked.

Read updated Class Lock docs here.

Class Reset

Now you can bulk reset classes using the partial match. For example, if you want to reset all paddings, just enter c-padding-

This is useful for updates especially, or if you want to reset all classes at once (use c- ).

Read updated Class Reset docs here.

New Classes

Core Framework got upgraded too. We added separate padding classes to all directions. For example you can now use c-padding-top-m

All paddings were updated to use VMIN unit, so they are completely responsive from desktop and below.

If you want to have them on the site that was build prior to this version, you can use the reset example from above.

Check the updated documentation with all the new stuff and examples.

Help Center

We also completely redesigned our documentation, and launched the Help Center.

We partnered with Jonathan Hernigan from Permaslug to work with us on tutorial videos, which can be seen in the help center and our YouTube channel.

How To Update?

  1. It's always recommended to do a backup, just in case
  2. You can update the plugin directly from your WP dashboard (if you do not see an option to update, check if you added the license key, or revalidate it)
  3. To update the Framework with new classes, you can just launch the import again (it will add missing classes).
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