CoreKit is the #1 UI Kit for Oxygen Builder

An extensive design library, and a faster way of building beautiful sites with a consistent look with a help of Core Framework and Oxygen.
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CoreKit is a powerful design set for your Oxygen projects. It uses well-defined utility classes and CSS grid to save you time prototyping a site structure and make global changes quickly.

Core Framework

Making a site perfectly consistent was never so easy in combination of Core Framework utility classes and Oxygen Builder. CSS grid columns, cards, typography, sizing & spacing, colors and much more are already set!

170+ Sections

From headers, footers, mega menus, heros & titles to many different content layouts, forms, shape dividers and much more. Build amazing layouts and entire pages in minutes using the CoreKit design library!

Freelancers & Agencies

When you take a full advantage of the CoreKit Design Library & Framework, you will find yourself saving hours of design and development time spent on each project. Less time spent means more money made.

CoreKit will Improve your Workflow

Global and consistent settings
Easy to remember naming convention
Addictive to use
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What professional developers are saying about CORE?

Core was clearly designed by an Oxygen expert and I can’t recommend it enough.

Whether or not you work with clients, the Core design set should be a critical element in your Oxygen arsenal. It has helped me speed up my own processes when I am adding content to sites of any kind because I don't have to build every element from the ground up. I can achieve better looking designs more quickly than ever before that I can then easily tweak to fit my particular use case. Core was clearly designed by an Oxygen expert and I can’t recommend it enough.
Jonathan Jernigan
Permaslug and APEX Web Solutions

I cannot overstate the usefulness of Core to web developers.

The design set is immaculately consistent, refreshingly modern and a genuine time-saver for those samey sections of a website, but Core really shines with its CSS framework.

The 'designed' look that professional websites have is largely down to having appropriate sizing and spacing at every display width, and the consistency thereof. By assigning CSS classes from Core to your various elements, the most tedious aspects of web development are handled for you.

Time is money, and adding Core to your workflow will permanently increase your profitability.
Bryn Barker
Front End Engineer, Legacy

David's Core Framework is the holy grail I've been waiting for.

I’ve been looking at CSS utility frameworks to integrate with Oxygen, a no small feat by any measure.

Then David pulled it off with the Core set. It’s Tailwinds and UIKit wrapped up as a lite package that’s highly extendable. Simply amazing. We’ve already used it for 3 projects and won’t be looking back. It has saved us hundreds of hours spent on designing Oxygen sites.

Shorter design turnaround times gives more room in client budgets for back-and-frontend development, translating into happier clients.

What really shines about the Core Framework is that it works flawlessly alongside Oxygen’s default settings and components, not against them. Hands down it’s one of the best things that has come from the Oxygen Community.
Michael John
Owner, Splice Agency

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