December 12, 2020

OxyNinja Update 3.2 - Migrate Selectors Between Sites

OxyNinja Update 3.2 - Migrate Selectors Between Sites
Check out the interactive cheatsheet or print for later!

Today we are happy to announce the new update of OxyNinja plugin version 3.2

OxyNinja 3.2 brings an essential compability with WordPress 5.6 and a new feature that lets you migrate all your selectors from one site to another, plus various bug fixes.

There are many scenarios where you may want to migrate your own selectors between sites.

For example you may want to edit Core Framework selectors (change padding values, margins, typography, or even add your own selectors to the framework) and reuse it on other sites repeatedly.

Now, you have a simple working feature in OxyNinja that allows you to do that.

It works with all selectors on the source site, and it's matter of several seconds to migrate all your selectors from one site to another.

Check the video demonstration:

  1. To copy selectors from your source site go to Manage > Settings > OxyNinja > And click Copy
  2. To paste selectors, go to the recipient site, to the same location and click Paste

It's just that simple.

Few notes:

  • This feature imports only selectors, not stylesheets. Make sure you run the initial OxyNinja import on the recipient site to have a CSS grid stylesheet (or manually copy / paste it from the source site)
  • If you make any changes to selectors and then proceed to the migration, save the page before you copy selectors, otherwise it might not have register your changes
  • Make sure both sites have OxyNinja plugin active and updated to 3.2 version
  • If you do not see the update in your WP dashboard plugins page, make sure you have added the OxyNinja plugin license key in Oxygen > Settings > License

Enjoy the update ninjas!

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